About Us

[Pronouced: SCAF-ON-DRE - French for diving bell]

Established in 2010, Scaphandre is a Men’s and Children’s swimwear brand based in Mallorca.

Founded and designed by a Mallorquin designer who spent over 10 years working with renowned fashion houses in Paris, Scaphandre offers high-quality luxury swim and seaside apparel and accessories. Taking cues from the founder's deep sea diver ancestors, Scaphandre’s spirit encompasses a lifestyle that surrounds everything adventure, exploration, discovery and global travel, making a swim trunk collection worthy of any seaman, daredevil... or gentleman.

Scaphandre products are MADE IN EUROPE, each item stressing noble materials and craftsmanship, all imbued with a focus on well-cut, timeless and flattering design.